“The Lumber Baron,” a full-length cinematic drama that was filmed in the Chippewa Valley, will continue screening next week at Micon Downtown Cinemas, 315 S. Barstow St.

The film has now been scheduled through Thursday, June 13.

For more information go to tinyurl.com/y2lbyb9z or call 715-832-3355 or 715-874-7000.

The film was written and produced by Fall Creek resident Karen Hurd, who has written and directed numerous stage plays and writes the historical fiction column titled On the Heels of the Past that appears in the Augusta Area Times.

Principal photographic locations are Chippewa Falls, Eau Claire, Menomonie, Fall Creek, Stanley, Augusta and New Auburn.

“The Lumber Baron,” set in Wisconsin in 1910, portrays the lives of the Upper Midwest lumber barons and jacks. The story involves Daniel Rimsdale Jr., who leaves medical school and returns home to the Chippewa Valley to try to salvage the floundering family lumber business and save his family from financial ruin.

 DVDs and video on demand will be released after the theatrical run through the distributor Indican Pictures, a partner with Lionsgate.