072320_con_sheeley house

The Sheeley House Saloon in downtown Chippewa Falls will begin a new concert series from 3 to 6 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 1, on the establishment’s patio.

Live music is returning to a beloved downtown Chippewa Falls hot spot.

COVID-19 has ravaged a multitude of industries across the globe, but one it has impacted the most is live music. Amid the coronavirus pandemic venues have been forced to suspend operations and full-time musicians have been left without a means of making a living. And while the pandemic continues to rage on, some local venues in the Chippewa Valley are trying to provide entertainment in a safe and healthy way.

The Sheeley House Saloon in downtown Chippewa Falls announced recently via their social media accounts they will commence a new concert series beginning in August. The announcement says the weather dependent shows will start Saturday, Aug. 1, from 3 to 6 p.m. and will be held on the patio. The following lineup is set:

• Aug. 1: Sean Jordan.

• Aug. 8: Jeff White.

• Aug. 15: Nick Hensley and the Love Songs for Angry Men.

• Aug. 22: Marcus Lere.

• Aug. 29: Nick Anderson Jukebox.

• Sept. 12: Dylan Martinson.

• Sept. 19: Josh White

• Sept. 26: Tommy Bentz Band.

All performances are free to the public.

Local musician Matt Schneider said it is great some venues are trying to return to a sense of normalcy, but they need to do it in a fashion that keeps customers safe.

“Of course I want live music to be a normal thing again,” Schneider said. “I want that more than most people do, but I also want to get through this pandemic as soon as possible. The conditions we are living in change daily, almost by the hour and potential venues need to pay attention to that and make decisions accordingly. A few hours of music isn’t worth risking anyone’s health, but if they are being smart and safe I’m all for it.”

The Sheeley House Saloon will be implementing a number of measures to ensure the safety of their customers at these concerts. Social distancing of 6 feet will be enforced, hand sanitizer will be provided and masks will be heavily encouraged.

Establishing live music as a normal event at their establishment, the Sheeley House Saloon joins the Heyde Center for the Arts, Every Buddy’s Bar and Grill and a number of other local venues in the reopening of their stages. A large number of other local venues and concert series are still on hold currently, but the conditions surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic continue to change daily and venues continue to reassess their situations every day.