Sue Cranston is one of three artists featured in September at artZ Gallery, 208 Keller Ave., Amery. The others are Kyle Engman, a landscape and lifestyle photographer, and Nan Reinhardt, who has been studying how to create with copper, polymer clay and silver clay, and with a main emphasis on glass.

Three regional artists are featured in September at artZ Gallery, 208 Keller Ave., Amery.

Kyle Engman is a landscape and lifestyle photographer originally from Amery and now based in La Crosse. His style encapsulates the definition of “moody,” although that is not representative of Kyle’s personality. His work goes hand-in-hand with his love for travel and camping. Mountains, fog-covered pine forests and rainy environments are the center point of his portfolio with a little bit of autumn colors and sunsets sprinkled in to give a little vibrancy to his collection of photos.

Engman's website is at kylejengman.com.

Sue Cranston’s art making is nearly always guided by documenting details that reflect objects and people from her youth. Many of her paintings are grouped in themed series such as the “Know Your Roots” vegetable series, farm animals, items from her childhood such as trikes, roller skates, school chairs, and many portraits of children. She is also a high school art teacher. “Currently,” she states, “I am expanding on a body of work that is all about the ‘American School Girl,’ This is a series of acrylic and mixed-media paintings, collages, relief prints, digitally created artwork, ‘lunch tray’ art and deconstructed/embellished vintage school furniture that represents childhood experiences from a young school kid’s perspective.” 

Cranston’s website is at suecranston.com.

Nan Reinhardt's experience in art composition has included drawing, pen and ink, painting, natural fibers/weaving, stained glass and mosaics. Since retiring from an occupational therapy career, she has studied, mostly on her own, how to create with copper, polymer clay, and silver clay, but her main emphasis is glass. Her work continues to be an ongoing exploration.

ArtZ Gallery is an artist-owned and operated gallery with changing monthly exhibits featuring member and guest artists. For more information visit artzgallery.org or call 715-268-8600.