Them Coulee Boys

Them Coulee Boys will perform for a sold-out audience this Friday at the Pablo Center.

EAU CLAIRE — Eau Claire’s own Them Coulee Boys will bring their special blend of folk, punk, bluegrass and rock’n’roll to the Jamf Theatre stage this Friday, where their newest album will make its Pablo Center at the Confluence debut.

Them Coulee Boys will take the stage at 7:30 p.m. before a full house. Soren Staff, co-founder, guitarist and vocalist of the band, said this isn’t the first time Them Coulee Boys have performed a sold-out show at the Pablo Center.

“It always feels good to be supported in your home town,” Staff said in a phone interview. “That’s how bands like us get to tour other places besides our home town. When we’re supported in the place that we’re from, then it gives us the agency, the confidence, the money, sometimes, to go do those other places. It’s always good to come back to the home town and do well, because that’s where it started.”

Them Coulee Boys will perform songs from their newest album, “Namesake,” which was released in August. “Namesake” was recorded during the winter of 2020 in Eau Claire with the help of Grammy Award-winning producer Brian Joseph.

“It was just really cool to have that kind of talent here at Eau Claire,” Staff said of the experience. “We recorded in the middle of COVID. We all had to take the tests and we all quarantined so we could take some time to record altogether last December. Jumping through all those hoops, it was still nice to be close to home, being able to go back to our families and spend time that way.”

The band raised the money to produce “Namesake” via Kickstarter campaign last February. Their goal was to raise $36,000. In the end, they raised around $83,000.

Staff said the amount of support they received from the Eau Claire community and from around the country was “crazy.”

“It’s been really fun to have that come to fruition and, in general, it’s an album that we’re really proud of,” Staff said. “We focused a lot on what we were missing during COVID — like that family aspect, getting to see the people that we loved. I think being away kind of makes you realize what you missed.”

Some of the songs featured on the 10-track album are “Phil’s Song,” “Just Friends” and “Given Up.”

Since the release of the album, Them Coulee Boys have been touring intermittently. The band will do an Eastern United States run of their tour in December.

In the meantime, Staff said he is working on producing a solo record, which he hopes to release this winter. He said Them Coulee Boys will start working on something new next fall.

“It kind of never stops, but that’s kind of what we like,” Staff explained. “We want to be working. When we’re able to travel and tour like we usually do, it’s 150 days a year. It’s a constant thing and we like that.”

And while the band’s Pablo Center concert is at capacity, Them Coulee Boys will make a few more Wisconsin stops before heading east. Staff said, if you should choose to attend any of their future shows, there’s always something for everyone at a Them Coulee Boys concert.

“Our concerts give you an opportunity to experience a really wide range of emotions,” Staff said. “If you want to come and party and dance, that’s going to be available to you. You can have a good time. But, you know, if you want to come and feel something, and be moved, we’re going to do that too. I like to think that, because of the diversity of the emotions that we’re trying to portray and invoke in people, it appeals to a lot of ages. My grandparents love our concerts, but so do my college buddies.”