Restaurant Inspection

Editor’s note: The Eau Claire City-County Health Department checks area licensed food establishments, including restaurants and food retailers. The Leader-Telegram details “priority” violations, defined as state code violations with potential to contribute to food contamination, illness or environmental health hazard, and reports “priority foundation” violations, which support priority violations, found in routine inspections. Places that receive “core,” or noncritical, violations are marked “no priority or priority foundation violations.” A “corrected” notation means the violation was corrected during a routine inspection. More information about local inspection results can be found at

Eau Claire

Texas Roadhouse, 5019 Keystone Crossing, Sept. 27. Two priority violations: Cut tomato in prep cooler has exceeded its date mark and cooked chicken in grill drawers not provided with a date mark (corrected); yellow peroxide in clear spray bottle does not bear a manufacturer’s label (repeat, corrected). One priority foundation violation.

Hilltop Tavern, 924 E. Madison St., Sept. 28. Two priority violations: Raw shell eggs stored above beer in walk-in cooler (corrected); ham in walk-in cooler has exceeded its date mark and milk in front bar fridge improperly dated (corrected). One priority foundation violation.

Carson Park football, 2848 Carson Park Drive, Oct. 5. No violations.

Casa Vallarta, 2426 Seymour Road, Oct. 15. No violations.

Subway, 329 Water St., Oct. 22. No violations.

Little Caesars Pizza, 2905 Mall Drive, Oct. 1. Two priority foundation violations.

Domino’s Pizza, 1719 N. Clairemont Ave., Oct. 2. One priority violation: Sausage, mozzarella cheese, ham, steak and chicken in make table cold-held above 41 degrees (corrected). One priority foundation violation.

Jade Garden, 3620 Gateway Drive, Oct. 2. Three priority violations: Raw fish and scallops over cooked porked and ready-to-eat foods in walk-in cooler (corrected); bleach sanitizer is not being used at the required concentration (corrected); oil stored by sprinkles for desserts and over fortune cookies in waitress service area, and Vaseline stored on top of dish machine (corrected). Two priority foundation violations.

Perkins, 2025 Highland Ave., Oct. 2. One priority violation: Employee observed not washing hands between handling dirty dishes and putting away clean dishes (corrected).

Fazoli’s, 3730 Gateway Drive, Oct. 4. One priority foundation violation.

Red Lobster, 1019 W. Clairemont Ave., Oct. 4. One priority violation: Pico salsa at wait station line cold-held above 41 degrees (corrected). One priority foundation violation.

Fall Creek

Brackett Bar, 9150 Beaver Creek Road, Sept. 11. Two priority violations: Raw eggs stored over onions, popcorn and pickles in walk-in cooler (corrected); bleach spray bottle and bleach sanitizer bucket are both being used at improper concentrations (corrected). One priority foundation violation.

Chartwells School Dining Service, 336 E. Hoover Ave., Oct. 30. No violations.

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