A few hours after Isaac Kruse, a state Department of Natural Resources conservation warden, started his work day Jan. 19, he found himself side by side with four St. Croix County responders who together saved the life of a man who was on the job like any normal day.

But, this was not to be a normal day for Keith Butterfield. Because, it was nearly his last.

Kruse was in Hudson on patrol when he heard the emergency medical call on his radio. Close to Nor-Lake, he arrived to find Butterfield’s coworkers performing CPR on their colleague — Butterfield — who had passed out and dropped to the floor.

By the time Kruse walked in, the coworkers also had placed the paddles of the AED — automated external defibrillator — in an attempt to revive a pulse. About the same time Kruse arrived, so did St. Croix County Deputy Nick Krueger. Together, the two officers took over the CPR and proceeded with the AED process to apply a second system shock.

Next to arrive was Jay Penfield, a first responder who initiated advance life-saving measures as Butterfield still, despite the team working hard and fast, had no pulse.

Next to arrive were Jeff Price and Kevin Zimmerman of Lakeview Paramedics just after the responder team detected a slight pulse in Butterfield. Kruse assisted in getting Butterfield into the ambulance, so the two paramedics could get him to the Regions Hospital in St. Paul.

There, he underwent surgery, which included the placement of some stents, and completed a successful recovery.

Butterfield stood tall as he graced the St. Croix County sheriff’s office’s annual awards banquet in March to meet his life-saving crew.