In its analysis, Kaiser Health News requested every sanction for sexual misconduct issued by the Medical Board of California over the past 10 years, the name of each doctor involved and his or her license number.

The board responded with 181 actions against 175 doctors from fiscal year 2008-09, beginning in July, through fiscal year 2017-2018, ending in June. (The records were designated by the board as primarily for sexual misconduct but often included other allegations.)

KHN used the board’s document lookup search on its website to review its available public records on each doctor. KHN mentioned sanctions outside the 10-year period when records showed the doctors were repeat offenders.

The analysis excluded cases in which the board took action in response to sanctions issued by other states’ medical boards for sexual misconduct outside California.

For each sanction, KHN determined the number of alleged victims identified in the board’s accusations, their gender, type of sanction, length and terms of probation, type of alleged sexual misconduct and whether the board noted any previous or concurrent criminal proceedings.

KHN also requested the number of complaints the board received alleging sexual misconduct, and how many formal accusations the board filed each year after allegations were investigated and merited disciplinary action.

The board didn’t have data for all 10 years but provided the number of complaints received and the number of accusations filed from October 2013 through the end of the 2017-18 fiscal year.