Intended for a growing family, this home design features four bedrooms spread across two levels.

As we settle into the first quarter of 2020, experts are optimistic that the housing market will get stronger as the door cracks open a little wider for first-time homebuyers.

Q: We hired a local company to help us with a project on our property. After the work was done, we received a bill for more than what was agreed. The bill also included work that was not performed.

A finished basement can be a valuable addition to your home. It can be a playroom for your kids, a place for family to stay during visits, a media room the whole family can use, or even a space to rent out for some extra income.

This medium-sized home is ideal for empty nesters downsizing from a larger house, but still desiring rooms for children to return to for extended visits.

ICE DAM TALK: Ice dams, frosty windows and clearing snow build-up on roofs are among the topics of an evening seminar later this month in Eau Claire.

If you’re looking to buy a home or refinance your current one in the new year, there’s good news: Low mortgage rates are expected to continue into 2020.

The new year will be rockin’ baby thanks to Proven Winners’ introduction of the Salvia Rockin’ Blue Suede Shoes.

Q: We are selling our house to a nice couple. We just found out that their deposit check bounced. They have a reasonable-sounding reason.

The beginning of the new year is the perfect time to start planning for home projects. Maintenance projects are a great way to keep your space comfortable, functional and possibly add value to your home.

Q: We are selling our house and have what seems to be a very interested buyer. However, every time we ask for a contract and a deposit, there is an excuse.

DETROIT — The largest contractor in Detroit’s demolition program is facing suspension again after it tore down the wrong house — for the second time in about 18 months — the Free Press has learned.

LOS ANGELES — Some know it as “The Beverly Hillbillies” mansion, others as Chartwell. Now, it has a new name: California’s chart-topper.

DALLAS — Dallas-Fort Worth has made it onto the list of U.S. markets real estate agents expect to be the best in the country in the next few years.

Q: My emotional support animal was approved by my condo board. However, they are making me take her completely off the property for her to take care of “business.”

Whether you’re buying a first home or are a decades-long owner, adequately insuring your home is crucial. Yet, according to real estate data provider CoreLogic, in 2017 about one in four homes were underinsured by at least 20%.

A homey country facade and a contemporary interior with all the furnishings expected in a modern home are part of this full-sized family house.

A combination of brick and wood is used to create a strong first impression for this three-bedroom, two-bathroom country-style home.

Imagine if, months after settling in to your dream house, your local government began threatening to lay off police officers, close some schools and cut transit service? And on top of those reduced services, property taxes and other levies and fees began rising steeply?

A rustic barn transformed into a family gathering space, one of Eau Claire’s historic Queen Anne Victorian-style houses and a trio of houses along the banks of Lowes Creek are all part of today’s Christmas Stroll.

CHRISTMAS CHIC: A seminar on new trends for decorating the outside and inside of your home for the holidays will be next week in Eau Claire.

While finding the ideal home is the first important step in creating a wonderful living environment for your family, you also want to choose the right neighborhood.

AUSTIN, Texas — Chris and Dennis Cavner, in their early 70s, are preparing to move less than two blocks away into a 2,720-square-foot, ranch-style house they bought this year. But first a renovation is underway, taking the 45-year-old property all the way back to its studs. When the work is …

A few months ago, a nice family bought the house next door. We were happy when they began sprucing up the landscaping — until they removed the thick hedge that ran down the line between the two properties.

Adding a refined elegance to the handsome exterior, arched columns frame the entryway of the Formosa home design and provide the base for a second-story balcony.

An attractive window and the right light can change everything — from your room to your mood.

BATHROOM MAKEOVERS: Homeowners considering a bathroom remodeling project can learn how to start and what their options are at a seminar next week.

For those looking to invest in a duplex, the Willow design is an innovative combination of two different units.

Q: Our condominium association rents space on our roof for a large cellphone antenna. We thought it would be great for getting some extra money into the community, but we did not count on workers banging through the stairwell at all hours carrying heavy equipment and leaving behind a mess.