As the homebuilding and remodeling industry celebrates National Home Remodeling Month in May, many homeowners are taking steps to transform their homes into a personal oasis.

Remodeling your home can pay off in personal enjoyment and comfort while improving the value of your home.

High-impact projects that can revamp your home include curb-appeal enhancements, kitchen renovations and bathroom improvements.

Exterior work

The color scheme of your home’s exterior and cleanliness of your yard make a big impact on curb appeal.

If needed, consider purchasing a new garage door to give your home a facelift. Your front door also makes an important first impression.

A fresh coat of paint, new window trim or siding is a simple way to make your home stand out.

Remove old awnings from the windows and doors and swap out damaged wrought iron railings for new wood railings to provide a more inviting look.

Landscape and cleanup your yard. Garden centers offer information and tips on plants that will thrive in our climate; some garden centers even offer free design services. A mixture of plants that provide a variety of color and grow to different heights will enrich your yard.

If your home’s walkway is cracked or dated, replace the path with new flagstones or add outdoor lighting. Adding a fountain or water feature is another way to take your lawn to the next level.

The most important part of all renovations but especially exterior renovations is to ensure the improvement fits your home’s style. For example, do not put Craftsman-style trims on a Victorian. Keeping the original style of the home is important for continuity.

Kitchen renovations

A modern kitchen is not just a space for cooking. Kitchens are a central hub for home entertaining and sharing meals.

Not all kitchens require an extensive remodel. Sometimes new countertops and a backsplash can transform a kitchen. Granite countertops have come down in price and can be a great centerpiece,

Cabinets may not need to be replaced; a professional painter can transform dated cabinetry into a more modern feel with just a coat of paint.

A professional remodeler can make recommendations on finishes that will boost your home’s resale value. Your remodeler can also provide you with advice on what to consider when replacing countertops, creating custom cabinets, flooring and appliances. For example, energy-efficient appliances are among the popular features homebuyers seek out when considering purchasing a new home.

Bathroom improvements

Freshen up your bathroom by installing new flooring and fixtures.

A white tub, sink and toilet is a popular color choice in bathrooms for homebuyers, according to a recent National Association of Home Builders survey.

If you have a smaller bathroom, a pedestal sink is a great way to bring some extra space into the room.

Adding a wainscot can give your room an educated feel and can add value.

Adding a fresh coat of paint also makes a difference in brightening up your bathroom. Light colors can really make your bathroom feel bigger and more inviting. A professional remodeler can also add storage with cabinets or shelves.

Hiring a professional remodeler will not only help you with design, but also provide you with a detailed quote to help you plan financially for your remodel. It is important to have a budget and to spend a little time making sure that you can recoup the money your investing in your home if the house is sold.

Anthony Brooks is the owner of Brooks Home Renovations, 511 S. Barstow St. House Calls is submitted by members of the Chippewa Valley Home Builders Association. For more information, call 715-835-2526 or email