All in good taste for 2019

All in good taste for 2019

September opened with Labor Day, the holiday that acknowledges our toils to pay the bills, snag a promotion, gain independence, feel worthwhile and maybe leave a tangible mark on the world.

My cousin Jan always does the planning when we travel together. She takes pleasure in finding a good hotel, filling an itinerary with activities and researching places to eat about as much as I find it tedious and frustrating.

On the dreariest of winter days, fog obscures otherwise gorgeous views from the 23rd floor of The Pfister Hotel in downtown Milwaukee.

The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, the largest children’s museum in the world and often called the best, is literally a feast of color, sound and flavors for both children and their grownups.

Moran. Cassatt. Wyeth. Van Gogh. Sargent. Monet. Paxton. Klimt. Bouguereau. Hopper. O’Keeffe. Bateman. Wiley.

Just a few miles outside of Detroit sits Cranbrook, a National Historical Landmark that critics have called “the most enchanting architectural setting in the United States.”

Time for another ghoulishly good time as the approach of Halloween brings out goblins and gore galore. Haunted houses aren’t the only option for scaring yourself silly this month. Consider this range of terrifying settings. Several are all-volunteer efforts whose proceeds help local charities.

Approaching the Distillery District from downtown Lexington, Ky., motorists are taken aback by the large black-and-red mural depicting what looks to be — depending on your perspective — a demented scuba diver, a man wearing a gas mask, or more menacingly, a prison inmate flashing what may or…

No manmade monument in the United States is taller than Gateway Arch, at the Mississippi River in downtown St. Louis, and big-time renovations turned the area into a national park this year.

At the turn of the century, America’s wild bison — which at one time numbered 60 million — had dwindled to about two dozen animals. 

BRYCE CANYON CITY, Utah — For many years, I have been eager to take a trip to the Grand Canyon. My wife Sue Kittelson had visited a long time ago, and I longed to personally witness one of the seven wonders of the world.

BIG SUR, Calif. — The entire coastal stretch of California’s iconic Highway 1 will re-open at the end of July, restoring a beloved but fragile route from San Francisco to Los Angeles that has been closed for more than a year, the California Department of Transportation announced last week.