EAU CLAIRE — The Eau Claire County Board approved a request Tuesday to rezone 64 acres of land from an agricultural district to a rural home district in the town of Pleasant Valley.

The property is currently owned by a family trust. A development group plans to build a single-family home subdivision on the land, but that requires additional approval. A conceptual map provided to the board includes 42 lots, resulting in an average size of 1.52 acres per lot.

The County Board voted 25-3 to approve the proposal. In October, the Pleasant Valley Town Board voted 3-0 to recommend approval of the request, and the county Planning and Development Committee voted 3-2 to recommend approval. County Planning and Development staff recommended approval of the rezoning application, noting that it is consistent with the rural residence future land use map for Pleasant Valley and Eau Claire County’s comprehensive plan.

Several nearby residents opposed the proposal, citing concerns about potential negative impacts if a subdivision is built. Those concerns include lot density, road safety and water quality.

Because the majority of property owners adjacent to the 64 acres of land submitted protest petitions against the proposal, the rezoning application needed approval from at least 75% of present County Board supervisors to pass Tuesday.

Pleasant Valley Town Chairman Dan Hanson and supervisors Douglas Nelson and Dan Green sent two letters to the County Board related to the rezoning proposal. They asked that the board “consider substantial evidence, prior recommendations and decisions already made at the various levels of government leading up to your decision.”

One letter addressed opposition from nearby residents.

“Resident input is a very crucial step in the decision-making process of elected officials, however the opinions of a few individuals focusing on their own self interest cannot be the end-all decision-making factor,” the town board members wrote. “Citizen input is and should only be a small portion of the decision-making process.”

New supervisor confirmed

The board confirmed Nathan Otto as the new District 11 supervisor. It also confirmed Otto’s appointment to several county committees: the Highway Committee, Highway Building Committee, Local Emergency Planning Committee, Chippewa Valley Innovation Center and Seven Mile Creek Landfill Standing Committee.

Otto fills the seat previously held by Ray Henning, who died in October. Otto’s term runs for about four months, and then he plans to run for the District 11 supervisor position in next April’s election.

Other business

The board approved 15 gifts, grants and donations the county received in 2021 totaling about $460,000. Of those 15, the Sheriff’s Office received 10 totaling about $197,000.