City Plows

Alternate-side parking rules continue in Eau Claire to help snow plows clear off city streets.

Alternate-side parking rules will continue through Monday in Eau Claire as the city declares its third consecutive snow event.

In anticipation of snow Friday and continued clean-up from previous snowfalls, the city announced the continuation of on-street parking rules intended to help plows clear off roads.

Today's forecast calls for one to three inches of snow during the daytime and another one to two inches at night.

From midnight to 5 p.m. during snow events, motorists must follow odd-even parking rules. Park along the side of the street with odd-numbered addresses on odd-numbered dates. Park on the opposite side of streets on even-numbered dates.

A few city streets have signs with other parking rules and those are the final word in those places. City workers also have been placing temporary "no parking" signs along some streets that have become narrow from widening snowbanks. Plows have then been carving into the snowbanks and hauling the snow elsewhere to let traffic flow better on those streets.

Alternate-side parking has been in effect since Sunday, when a blizzard caused significant travel problems in the Eau Claire area.