City Plows

Alternate-side parking rules continue in Eau Claire to help snow plows clear off city streets.

A snowstorm that began this morning is prompting Eau Claire to put its alternate-side parking rules into effect early Thursday through Saturday evening.

Intended to help snow plows more thoroughly clear off streets, motorists must obey these rules for curbside parking from midnight to 5 p.m. on Thursday through Saturday:

• Park on the side of the street with odd-numbered addresses on odd-numbered days. Park on the opposite side of the street during even-numbered days.

• Some streets have supplemental signs posted during a snow event, which serve as the final word. Streets posted with "no parking anytime" signs still don't allow parking during snowstorms.

Three to seven inches of snow are expected to fall on Eau Claire today, according to a National Weather Service forecast. There's also a chance for snow Friday night through the rest of the weekend, according to the forecast available at mid-day Wednesday.