ALTOONA — Residents, businesses and schools are only allowed to water their lawns every other day until further notice in Altoona.

Due to the current heat wave and need to maintain adequate water supply for human consumption and fire hydrants, the city instituted a partial watering ban on Thursday.

The ban allows people to use their outdoor water spigots and lawn sprinklers on alternating days. Namely, houses and businesses with odd-numbered addresses can water their lawns on odd-numbered days. Properties on the opposite side of the street can do their watering on even-numbered days.

The partial ban applies to watering lawns and other vegetation, as well as washing vehicles at your home.

Violating the ban could result in a $500 fine, according to a news release from the city.

The city stated it would send out an announcement when the partial ban is lifted.

People with questions about the partial ban can contact Altoona City Hall by phone at 715-839-6092 or email