City Plows

Alternate-side parking rules continue in Eau Claire to help snow plows clear off city streets.

Alternate-side parking rules will continue to be in effect for three more days in Eau Claire as the city continues to clean up after a weekend blizzard and braces for more snow.

The law allowing parking along only one side of streets was put into effect on Sunday will be extended into Friday, the city announced.

On Tuesday the city declared that its second consecutive snow event — a three-day period where alternate-side parking is enforced to help plows clear off streets — will begin on Wednesday.

From midnight until 5 p.m. on each day, motorists must obey the odd-even rule for parking. On even-numbered days, such as today, cars must be parked along the side of streets with even-numbered addresses. The opposite side of the street can be used for parking on odd-numbered days.

A few Eau Claire streets have different rules indicated by signs posted along them explaining where to park during snow events.

The city also is using temporary "no parking" signs in some areas to allow plows to push snowbanks back far enough for traffic to flow freely. Several blocks in the Birch Street area and East Side Hill neighborhood, where parked cars had hindered thorough plowing, got those signs Monday so they could be cleared today.

More snow began falling during the noon hour today in Eau Claire. The area is under a winter weather advisory with a forecast of three to four inches of snow that will fall by Wednesday morning, according to the National Weather Service.