An employee of an Eau Claire convenience store is accused of stealing hundreds of packs of cigarettes over more than a year.

Brady E. Scafe, 23, of West Salem, was charged Monday with felony and misdemeanor counts of theft for taking 672 packs of cigarettes while working at Kwik Trip stores in Eau Claire and West Salem.

Eau Claire County Judge Jon Theisen issued a signature bond for Scafe, who is prohibited from contact with Kwik Trip stores while the case is pending.

The felony charge has a maximum penalty of 3½ years in prison and a $10,000 fine, if found guilty.

According to the criminal complaint, Eau Claire police responded Friday to Kwik Trip, 1130 W. MacArthur Ave., because an employee who stole from the business was there to take responsibility for thefts dating back to August 2018.

Prior to officers arriving, store management had confronted Scafe with the amount of tobacco products she was accused of taking. The total was $5,787 worth of merchandise.

Store staff had noticed discrepancies in inventory during Scafe's shifts and then reviewed security camera footage. Scafe admitted to management that she would take four packs of cigarettes during her shifts, occasionally a tin of chewing tobacco and, toward the end of her employment, some money from the till.

During her talks with management and Eau Claire police, Scafe was cooperative and remorseful, the complaint stated.