Fake $20 bill

This fake $20 bill, which has "replica" printed on it in multiple places, was recently recovered in Eau Claire.

Fake $20 bills have been found in Eau Claire, and city police are warning people to be on the lookout for them.

Believed to be used to buy items through Facebook Marketplace from people in Minnesota and Wisconsin, Eau Claire police recently confiscated some of the counterfeit bills.

Local police are working with law enforcement agencies in other cities and have identified a suspect they believe used the fake bills to buy items online, according to a post Wednesday afternoon on the Eau Claire Police Department's Facebook page.

There are some subtle differences between the fake bills and a real $20, but also much more overt signs that the former is not real U.S. currency.

The word "REPLICA" appears below a serial number on the bill and the number 20. Below President Andrew Jackson's portrait and the image of The White House, the words "This is a replica" appear on the fake bill. The phrase "This note is not legal, it is to be used for motion pictures" also appears in small print next to Jackson's face.