EAU CLAIRE — Public health department employees will tour several Eau Claire neighborhoods to assess the exterior condition of homes for a regular survey.

Starting next week, staff from the Eau Claire City-County Health Department will walk in the Randall Park, North River Fronts, Upper Westside and Westridge neighborhoods to conduct the survey to determine the environmental quality of housing in those areas.

Surveyors will stay on public property to visually assess the condition of siding, windows, foundations, roofs, chimneys, fences, retaining walls, sidewalks, garages and sheds. Those employees will be wearing identification badges, and residents can call 715-839-4718 to confirm their identities as well.

The survey is done to prioritize the Health Department’s efforts to address safety and health concerns related to housing.

For homes with exterior problems that lead public health workers to be concerned about conditions inside the dwellings, an inspection may be requested. Owners of homes identified as “in need of an inspection” will be contacted by a health inspector to request a time to view the inside of the building. Inspectors will then talk with residents about what violations found inside or outside of the home need to be fixed.

The Residential Environmental Quality Assessment survey is done each summer in a different part of the city on a rotating schedule. Individual Eau Claire neighborhoods are visited once every five years for the survey.

For results on prior years’ surveys or general information on housing inspections, go online to housing.echealthdepartment.com.