ST. PAUL — Joe Soucheray’s “Garage Logic” radio show will close shop Sept. 7, and Patrick Reusse’s long association with KSTP-AM in the Twin Cities also will end.

Soucheray, who writes a column for the Pioneer Press, announced the news during his weekday broadcast Friday on Hubbard Broadcasting’s 1500ESPN.

“I cannot say I’m completely surprised. I’m going to feel a loss for the gang and the listeners,” Soucheray said before Friday’s program. “The AM radio format is changing. More and more young people are not tuning into the AM dial. The way that content is going to be delivered is changing, with more digital platforms.”

To that end, Soucheray said he plans to continue “Garage Logic” as his own podcast. He’s working out further details as far as the staff and start date, but said he wants it to launch it as soon as he can.

“Garage Logic” airs weekdays from 1 to 3 p.m., with Soucheray joining Star Tribune sports columnist Patrick Reusse for an hour of “SportsTalk” followed by the two-hour “Ride with Reusse” at 4.

Friday, Reusse announced on Twitter both “SportsTalk” and “Ride with Reusse” will also end Sept. 7. “That’s very close to 35 consecutive (years) Joe and I will have been on air together,” Reusse wrote. “Hubbards have been fabulous employers.”

Souch-eray’s “Garage Logic” debuted April 29, 1993, when the station was focused on news talk radio under the name KSTP-AM 1500. Soucheray’s conservative viewpoint found an early, appreciative audience, and in 1995, the station’s management called the daily program the “hottest show in town.”

Reusse was a daily phone-in guest on the show, providing insights on local sports. Reusse and Soucheray, both longtime newspaper reporters in the Twin Cities, started with the station in the early 1980s by hosting a weekly sports talk show that they claimed was the first of its kind in the nation.

Soucheray and Reusse are familiar to many people in the Chippewa Valley. Their shows were syndicated to other radio markets, including to WMEQ-AM (880) in Menomonie and WBIZ-AM (1400) in Eau Claire, which until a few years ago carried their shows for many years.

By 2010, KSTP-AM was struggling in the ratings and entered into a partnership with ESPN Radio. Many of the station’s nonsports hosts were fired that year, with others soon following. Soucheray’s show was the final nonsports program standing on 1500ESPN.

It’s highly unusual for a broadcast personality to be fired and then given another month on the air. The move allows Soucheray and his staff one final opportunity to cover the Minnesota State Fair.

“It’s a sign that the station has had great respect for the show, and it’s more than generous they’re allowing us to end it this way,” Soucheray said. “The usual way it happens is you are told, ‘Your last show was yesterday.’ They’ve told us we can handle this any way we want.

“It’s very rare that someone’s on the same radio station, with the same show, for 25 years. It speaks well to the guys I’ve worked with and the people I’ve worked for. There’s nothing else to say; I’ve had a wonderful run.”

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