MENOMONIE — A Menomonie man was charged Wednesday in Dunn County Court with striking and hitting several children with various objects to punish them.

Bee N. Yang, 40, was charged with causing mental harm to a child and two counts of felony child abuse-intentionally causing harm.

According to the criminal complaint:

On May 17, Dunn County human services received a report that Yang was disciplining children using a broom handle.

On May 24, a 13-year-old child told law enforcement and a social worker that Yang would punish the child and other children by hitting them with a wire and a broomstick, kicking or punching them.

The boy said Yang would punish children for being “naughty,” once striking the boy’s legs with a broomstick several times and leaving a scar. In another incident, Yang punched the boy in the chest and jaw, and the boy “was not able to eat for three days” at a Menomonie residence, the boy said.

Another child said Yang struck him in the leg with a metal bar from an exercise machine and punched and slapped two children as punishment.

Yang denied striking the children with objects, but he said he would hit or kick them to discipline them.

Yang signed a $2,000 signature bond June 4.