A Horicon man will spend five years in prison for his role in holding seven hostages during a June 2014 home invasion at an Eau Claire residence.

Mikeal R. Doyal, 25, pleaded no contest recently in Eau Claire County Court to two felony counts of taking hostages and a felony count of armed burglary.

Doyal also was found guilty of felony counts of burglary and attempting to elude an officer that were consolidated from a Jefferson County case.

Doyal was brought to Eau Claire last fall after he was found in Albuquerque, N.M., where he had been since shortly after this incident.

Judge Emily Long ordered Doyal to spend five years on extended supervision following his release from prison.

Doyal was fined $2,600. As conditions of supervision, Doyal cannot drink alcohol or have contact with the victims.

Co-defendants Scott K. Ristow, 43, and Chelsea R. Stewart, 29, both of Watertown, were previously sentenced.

Ristow received a 15-year prison term while Stewart avoided a felony conviction after reaching a two-year deferred agreement with prosecutors.

The invasion was interrupted by police after one of the hostages called authorities on her cellphone during the June 30, 2014, incident, police said.

According to the criminal complaint:

Stewart, who was Ristow’s girlfriend, told police in July 2014 that she, Ristow and Doyal came to Eau Claire on June 29, 2014, for a graduation party. The trio went to visit Ristow’s daughter’s residence in the 300 block of Elm Street after the party.

Ristow told police he and Doyal decided to go to the residence of a neighbor of his daughter’s because his daughter felt the neighbor had burglarized her home.

Two people arriving to visit the neighbor’s house in the early morning hours of June 30, 2014, said they were met outside the house by Ristow and Doyal.

Ristow and Doyal were wearing masks. Ristow was carrying two guns, and Doyal had one gun.

The two people said they were ushered inside the neighbor’s house at gunpoint. Seven people inside the residence were taken to the basement by Ristow and Doyal.

At least one of the seven people taken hostage was hit by Ristow with a gun.

The seven people each told police they were forced to empty their pockets of money, keys and other belongings.

Ristow and Doyal repeatedly made comments about wanting money and drugs that were located in a safe at the residence.

When police arrived outside the residence, Stewart called Ristow to alert him that 12 police officers were outside.

Ristow and Doyal then took off their masks and tried unsuccessfully to persuade the seven people held hostage to tell police they were all playing cards and no crime was being committed.

Ristow and Doyal did persuade one of the hostages to hide the three guns.

Authorities determined the home invasion occurred after interviewing the seven people held hostage, Ristow, Doyal and Stewart for several days after the incident.

Ristow admitted he bullied his way into the neighbor’s residence to confront them about burglarizing his daughter’s home but denied having any weapons.

An inmate at the Eau Claire County Jail told police Ristow admitted to him in the jail he was involved in a home invasion with weapons.

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