A 22-year-old Eau Claire woman is accused of smuggling methamphetamine into a female cellblock in the Eau Claire County Jail.

Samantha J. Julin was charged Tuesday with six felonies for bringing drugs into the jail on Aug. 30.

According to the criminal complaint, Julin was kicked out of a local drug treatment program and sent to jail after she tested positive for meth use.

She concealed a bag of meth in a body cavity before she was booked into jail. She kept the drugs hidden while in a holding cell, but brought the meth out after she was transferred to general population and shared it with three other female inmates.

On tips from inmates, corrections officers interviewed Julin and the three other women. Two initially denied using meth, but urine tests of all four inmates came back positive for the drug. Julin then admitted to smuggling the meth into the jail.

The most severe charge against her — felony delivery of methamphetamine — carries a maximum sentence of 12½ years in prison, and she faces three counts of that. Her status as a repeat offender also can add another six years. Because the drugs were coming into a jail, the judge could choose to add another five years in prison, as well.

Julin was found guilty in April of meth possession and was sentenced to two months in the jail's work release wing and 18 months of probation.