City Plows

Alternate-side parking rules continue in Eau Claire to help snow plows clear off city streets.

Eau Claire extended alternate-side parking rules for another three days and expects it will keep doing so for most of March to help plows clear off city streets.

Motorists must mind which side of the street they park on though Sunday, but the city warns the odd-even parking rules likely will continue to be used for at least two more weeks.

From midnight to 5 p.m., cars can only be parked along the sides of streets with odd-numbered addresses on odd-numbered dates, and vice versa on even-numbered dates.

Some city streets have signs stating "no parking anytime," which must be obeyed even while odd-even parking is in effect. The city also has been putting up temporary "no parking" signs this winter in some spots when additional snow cleanup is needed.

Thursday's declaration of a new snow event — a three-day period when odd-even parking is enforced — is the fifth consecutive one in Eau Claire. The current streak began on Feb. 24 for cleanup of a blizzard.

The city is required to declare a three-day snow event every time it wants to employ odd-even parking since changing a law almost 3½ years ago.

Prior to October 2015, alternate-side parking was in effect every night from November through the end of April.