An Eau Claire man who spent seven years in prison for a sexual assault conviction will be released to the community on Wednesday.

Matthew J. Basacker, 46, will live temporarily at a house on the 100 block of Randall Street that will be monitored by the state Department of Corrections. The DOC will seek long-term placement for Basacker, according to Eau Claire police.

Conditions of five years of extended supervision for Basacker state he is not allowed unsupervised contact with minors and cannot drink alcohol or enter taverns. Basacker will be subject to lifetime GPS monitoring.

An Eau Claire County jury found Basacker guilty of two counts of second-degree sexual assault in 2010.

According to the criminal complaint, Basacker made romantic advances toward a woman while they were at an Eau Claire tavern on the night of June 23, 2009.

She walked home alone and went to sleep but woke to Basacker having sexual contact with her. He continued despite her protests until she was able to break free, grab clothing and run outside. He fled her home, and she returned inside to call police.