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The Chippewa County Sheriff’s Office is asking people not to call 911 to report people who are not abiding by the statewide face mask mandate that went into effect today.

Following Gov. Tony Evers announcement on Thursday that face masks would be required in public places, residents began calling 911 in Chippewa County with concerns about the order, according to the sheriff’s office.

Expecting more questions and then reports of people not abiding by the order to continue, the sheriff’s office released a statement Friday urging people to not call 911 to get those addressed.

“It is extremely important that we preserve our emergency response resources and emergency and nonemergency phone lines for those that are in true need of our services,” the statement read.

While it supports and actively promotes masks and face coverings as a tool to stop the spread of the coronavirus, the sheriff’s office stated that reporting violations of the statewide order should not be done with a call to 911.

Instead, the sheriff’s office asks county residents to fill out an online tipster report at www.co.chippewa.wi.us/government/sheriff/online-tipster.

For information on the coronavirus and the statewide mask order, the sheriff’s office asks people to consult websites for the county health department and governor’s office, respectively.