An Augusta man will spend five years in prison for causing significant injuries, including skull fractures and a brain injury, to his infant daughter.

Tyler R. Bedell, 26, 431 E. Brown St., was sentenced recently in Eau Claire County Court to a felony count of recklessly causing great bodily harm by physical abuse of a child.

Judge John Manydeeds ordered Bedell to spend five years on extended supervision following his release from prison.

As conditions of supervision, Bedell cannot have contact with his daughter or her family. He must also undergo any recommended counseling or programming.

According to the criminal complaint:

The Augusta Police Department and Eau Claire County Sheriff’s Office investigated the multiple injuries to an infant while she was in the care of Bedell, her father.

On March 12, 2019, Bedell brought the then 6-month-old girl to Mayo Clinic Health System in Eau Claire.

Hospital staff indicated the baby had two skull fractures. She also suffered a brain bleed. There were infraretinal hemorrhages in the right eye.

Bedell said he was getting the child ready for a bath when he accidentally lost his grip and dropped her into the tub.

Bedell said he picked her up, turned around and accidentally tripped over his 2-year-old son. He lost his grip on the baby, and she struck her head on the tub.

Bedell said he then immediately took the baby to the hospital.

A Mayo doctor and his consultation team told authorities the injuries sustained by the baby were not consistent with a cause described by Bedell and pertaining to a short distance fall.

The doctor indicated the injuries were non-accidental in nature.

The doctor was also concerned about the baby’s medical history and referenced multiple instances of documented injuries to the baby while in Bedell’s care.

These included a bruise on the leg, several linear lesions and elevated liver transaminases, which is possibly suggestive of abdominal trauma.

Some of these injuries, the doctor said, are associated with physical abuse.

The baby’s mother told authorities that when she and Bedell still lived together, Bedell got mad when he was awakened and had to get out of bed to care for the baby.

The mother said Bedell would yell and get upset, noting that most of his anger was because he was tired from working 12-hour shifts.

The mother said she moved out in December 2018 because of the constant fighting with Bedell.

An injury sustained by the baby on June 24 could have been caused by strangulation or suffocation, the doctor said.

A second doctor concluded on June 27 that brain damage was present in the baby’s CT scans and that the damaged area will die over time.

Bedell was arrested July 1 for child abuse. A deputy noted that Bedell was sniffling and wiping his eye, but there were no tears.

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