A car drove into the Chippewa River early Friday morning in Eau Claire, and early indications are the driver remains in the vehicle.

Eau Claire Police Department spokeswoman Bridget Coit said the car was westbound on Gilbert Avenue when it left the road and entered the river at about 3 a.m. Friday.

“We believe the vehicle to be occupied when it went into the river,” Coit said.

Coit described it as a “recovery effort,” meaning the person in the car is presumed deceased.

The Eau Claire Fire Department has located the vehicle, in perhaps 12 to 15 feet of water, using sonar equipment. No divers have entered the river.

“We are currently still on scene and working to recover the vehicle,” Coit said Friday morning. “With the rising water conditions, it is posing challenges in recovering the vehicle. The water temperature is very cold and it’s running very fast.”

A towing company was brought in Friday morning. Coit said they were unsucessful in removing the vehicle, and were planning to try again Friday afternoon.