CHIPPEWA FALLS — The Chippewa Falls Board of Public Works rejected a plan that would have required homeowners to remove snow in the alleys adjacent to their home.

City engineer Rick Rubenzer presented the draft ordinance to the board at their recent meeting.

“Rubenzer stated that the existing alley snow removal takes a couple of hours to do during every larger snow event and is very difficult for the street department staff to do,” according to the board’s minutes, which were reviewed by the Chippewa Falls City Council on Tuesday. “In addition, there are numerous complaints about the timeliness of alley snow removal.”

The city has historically plowed the alleys much like they do the streets. There are many houses in the city that have garages facing the alley, rather than the street, and their only public access is through the alley. The city also doesn’t allow people to leave their vehicles to be parked on the street from 2-6 a.m. during winter months.

The Board of Public Works unanimously opted to “make no recommendation to the common council and take no action on the attached draft ordinance.”

During the council meeting Tuesday, Councilman Paul Nadreau applauded the mayor and members of the board for dismissing the plan and not bringing it forward to the council.

“I think we would have had a lot of ‘P.O.-ed’ residents,” Nadreau said.

Council President Rob Kiefer echoed Nadreau’s comments.

“The Public Works Board made a fine decision to not bring this forward,” Kiefer said. “There would have been an uproar.”

In other news, the band shell in Irvine Park will undergo renovations this summer. The Park Board approved spending $26,500 from the Irvine Park donation account to pay for the work. Dell Construction has been hired to perform the work.

In one final note, the council heard updates on new road projects this summer. Bridgewater Avenue on the West Hill will be widened. Meanwhile, Park Avenue will be shortened to 30 feet wide.