CHIPPEWA FALLS — A Chippewa Falls man who head-butted his attorney in the courtroom in September 2017, punched Chippewa County Sheriff Jim Kowalczyk and got into a fight in jail was sentenced Friday to serve three years in prison, on top of a prior sentence he is already serving.

Ryan J. Denning, 31, 501 Maitland Drive, was already serving a two-year prison sentence on a conviction of being an inmate throwing or expelling bodily fluids in Dodge County Court. On Friday, Chippewa County Judge James Isaacson ordered the three-year prison sentence and one year of extended supervision, consecutive to the Dodge County case.

Chippewa County District Attorney Wade Newell recommended the three-year sentence, saying a message needed to be sent.

“It was important for (the sentence) to be consecutive, so Mr. Denning and others learn that assaulting officers is not acceptable,” Newell said. “It shows that officer safety is treated importantly.”

Kowalczyk was the lone person to testify during Friday’s sentencing. Afterward, Kowalczyk said he was pleased with Isaacson’s ruling.

“I think law enforcement is satisfied with the sentence he got here in Chippewa County,” Kowalczyk said. “It’s discouraging, the amount this has cost the taxpayers.”

After the incident where Denning assaulted attorney John Bachman in court, he has routinely appeared in court via video, rather than being brought over from the jail. During one hearing, he was handcuffed with his arms in front of him. Three jailers were in the room with him, noticeably all wearing blue, rubber protective gloves.

In 2015, Denning was convicted of burglary while armed with a dangerous weapon and he was originally given a nine-month jail sentence. However, his probation was revoked in July 2016 and he was given a two-year prison sentence, but given credit for time already served.

Court records show that Denning attacked an inmate in the Stanley Correctional Institution on Jan. 18, 2017, hitting the man in his mouth and back of head.

In a separate incident, Denning assaulted a man Sept. 12, 2017, in Chippewa Falls, causing numerous injuries to his face and an elbow. When police located him, he resisted arrest and attempted to injure an officer in the jail.