A former administrative associate for Eau Claire County’s information systems department is accused of punching in more than 50 times without working at the courthouse.

Kameron J. Gorres recorded those punches from remote locations. She was not allowed to work outside of the courthouse, police said.

Gorres, 22, 3009 Hidden Meadow Court, was charged Wednesday in Eau Claire County Court with seven felony counts of fraudulent writings.

A $1,000 signature bond was set for Gorres, who returns to court Oct. 24.

According to the criminal complaint:

An Eau Claire police detective was informed that Gorres was suspected of clocking into and out of work from locations other than the Eau Claire County Courthouse.

The detective was advised by county officials that Gorres’ job duties did not include assignments that would require her to work from outside the building.

County officials discovered that Gorres punched in and out on 52 occasions from outside the courthouse between November and May.

Those punches didn’t coincide with when her key card indicated she was at the courthouse.

Many of the 52 punches came from Gorres’ home address, her boyfriend’s address or UW-Eau Claire.

The false punches amounted to claiming 231 hours of work she did not perform and totaling about $5,000 in wages.

When a detective confronted Gorres with this information, she became visibly upset, started to cry and said she felt really bad.

Gorres didn’t dispute the 52 false punches reported by county officials.

Gorres noted that despite working, she was also a full-time college student.

“I don’t think this is a smart thing to do anyway, whether you’re going to school or not,” Gorres said. “It’s getting paid for nothing, I guess, getting paid for no work.”

Gorres told the detective she was sorry and wrote a letter of apology to county officials.

Gorres resigned from her position on June 5.

If convicted of the seven charges, Gorres could be sentenced to up to 21 years in prison.

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