Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz speaks April 3 at The Florian Gardens in Eau Claire.

In the last rally of a weekend full of presidential hopefuls, GOP candidate Ted Cruz told a crowd of energetic supporters Sunday the upcoming election comes down to jobs, freedom and security.

The Texas senator spoke to a crowd of about 1,000 people at The Florian Gardens after introductions from conservative radio host Vicki McKenna, Utah senator Mike Lee, and former GOP presidential candidates Carly Fiorina and Gov. Scott Walker.

“Our constitutional rights are under assault,” Cruz told the crowd. “ … And yet I am here tonight with a word of hope, and a word of encouragement. All across Wisconsin, all across this country, people are waking up. And help is on the way.”

Cruz hopped from topics such as Obamacare — if elected, he’ll repeal it — the Second Amendment and religious rights; the Israeli-​Palestinian conflict; and the dangers of electing another Democratic president.

Cruz was also in the area last Monday at Altoona Family Restaurant, where he made similar remarks.

Among the introductory figures and some rally-goers, support for Cruz came from an admiration for his constitutionally conservative viewpoints.

Alyssa Ehrat of Whitehall said Cruz’s Sunday rally was her second time seeing the senator speak. She said his consistent history makes her feel she can trust in his campaign.

“He’s always been a constitutional conservative in all his time in politics,” Ehrat said. “ … I feel like I can trust that he will keep his promises because he’s always fought for conservative values before.”

Other rally attendees, while supportive of Cruz’s conservative policies, also said in comparison to everyone else running for president, he’s the only candidate who will make a difference.

“Ted Cruz seems like a solid candidate,” said Beth Dietsche of Eau Claire. “Conservative, good policies. That’s what we need in order to get this country back on track.”

Cruz told everyone gathered at The Florian Gardens that he is the only candidate who could possibly ensure a GOP presidency. He said a large portion of the GOP party realize that nominating Trump for the presidency would be a “disaster.”

“Nominating Donald is a gift-wrapped present to Hillary Clinton and the Democrats,” Cruz warned as a rallygoer yelled, “Dump Trump!”

Cruz’s rally in Eau Claire brings to an end a weekend full of presidential hopefuls’ efforts to garner support before the April 5 primary election. Democratic candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton and Republican candidate Donald Trump all spoke in Eau Claire Saturday morning and evening.