The Eau Claire County Board will have nearly half its positions contested during the April 7 general elections.

Twelve of 29 board spots will feature two officials seeking one position, and all but one of those seats will involve a challenger taking on an incumbent. District 16 will elect a new supervisor after Lydia Boerboom resigned from the seat last month. All 28 incumbents will seek re-election.

The double-digit number of contested seats is an uptick from seven contested positions the last time board elections were held in 2018.

Following are contested county board races in west-central Wisconsin:


District 4: Terry Lee (I), Randal Braun.

District 19: Jerry McRoberts (I), Abe Voelker.

District 27: Bill Effertz (I), Dan Hopkins.


District 3: LouAnne Roby, Steven Nelson.

District 10: Jeanne Franz, John Sendelbach; incumbent Nettie Rosenow not seeking re-election.


District 4: Jared Zwiefelhofer (I), Lee McMenamin.

District 7: Dean Gullickson (I), Dennis Fehr.


District 19: Gordon Haselow (I), David Williams.

District 24: Duwayne Trunkel (I), Rhonda Witte.

District 25: incumbent Dan Clough didn’t file for re-election, filing deadline is extended until 5 p.m. Friday.

Dunn: No contested races.

Eau Claire

District 2: Sandra McKinney (I), Robert Haddeman.

District 6: Bert Moritz (I), Dane Zook.

District 9: Donald Mowry (I), Todd McClain.

District 10: Nancy Coffey (I), John Folstad.

District 15: Nick Smiar (I), Tim Krueger.

District 16: Andrew Carrillo, Emily Huerta. Seat vacant after Lydia Boerboom resigned.

District 17: Martha Nieman (I), Cynthia Burton.

District 18: James Dunning (I), Chase R. Matthews.

District 24: Heather DuLuka (I), Josh Sterling.

District 25: Melissa Janssen (I), Sam Mannhardt.

District 27: Zoe Roberts (I), Randy Demars.

District 29: Pat LaVelle (I), Missy Christopherson.


District 10: Michelle Mary Greendeer-Rave (I), Tom Cooper.


District 6: Frank E. Milliren (I), Tessa King

District 11: John McDonough, Remy Ceci.

Pierce: No contested races.


District 1: Terry Dusell (I), Pete Boss

District 12: Roger Gierke (I), Jim Meyer

St. Croix

District 1: Ed Schachtner (I), Lisa Lind.

District 3: Bob Long, Steven Mael; incumbent Lynda Miller not seeking re-election.

District 4: Robert Cizek, Cathy Leaf; incumbent Tom Coulter not seeking re-election.

District 5: Carah Koch, Tim Caruso; incumbent Roy A. Sjoberg not seeking re-election.

District 7: Andrew Hassan, Paul W. Berning; incumbent Tammy Moothedan not seeking re-election.

District 10: Dave Ostness (I), Jacquie Niccum.

District 11: Scott Counter, Gary R. Hanson, incumbent Roger Larson not seeking re-election.

District 12: Daniel Hansen (I), Christopher Parent.

District 13: Scottie E. Ard, Ryan Sherley.

District 14: Greg Tellijohn (I), William S. Leber.

District 16: Paulette Anderson (I), Brandon Perry.


District 5: incumbent Jon Schultz didn’t file for re-election, filing deadline is extended until 5 p.m. Friday.