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Generic coronavirus COVID-19 art.

EAU CLAIRE — The Eau Claire school district will transition to all virtual learning, beginning Monday, Nov. 30, the district announced Friday night.

This transition will affect all grade levels. The district expects this model to remain in place through Tuesday, Dec. 8. However, district leaders and public health experts will re-evaluate the situation and determine a decision to continue the virtual model or return to their hybrid model on Tuesday, Dec. 1.

The district made this decision due to a current shortage of available teachers and staff, as coronavirus cases and quarantines are significantly affecting teacher and staff absences. The district also expects more staff absences in the near future as a result of the newly available community antigen testing site at Memorial High School.

With the timing of this announcement, district leaders hope that providing a two-week notice will allow families time to arrange for childcare and other needs.

Schools Superintendent Michael Johnson said, “I’m extremely proud of our staff and students for their safety efforts and their ability to maintain the consistency of our instructional model to this point. Although disease transmission has not occurred in our schools, the community surge of the virus and the increasing number of positive and quarantined staff require us to transition to our 100% virtual instructional model until we can safely staff our schools.”

Principals will follow up with families soon to provide more detail about virtual learning, as well as information on meal services.

“As always, the district thanks our families and community members for their patience and understanding as we take this action to protect the health and safety of our community,” Johnson said.