Eau Claire County Courthouse

Eau Claire County Courthouse

The Eau Claire County Board is considering a pay increase for supervisors.

The Administration Committee unanimously approved a proposal Tuesday afternoon to raise wages from $110.50 to $125 per month. The Human Resources Committee also approved the proposal during its meeting Monday morning.

If approved by the County Board, the increases would go into effect next year. The fiscal impact would result in supervisors receiving an additional $391.50 per month and $4,968 per year. It would represent about a 13% raise for supervisors on an annual basis, bumping their pay from $1,326 to $1,500.

In 2002, the board voted to decrease its pay from $125 to $110.50 per month. Administration Committee member Jerry Wilkie said this decision would correct what he considered an error to decrease wages nearly two decades ago.

Administration Committee member Mark Beckfield expressed support but noted he has heard from other supervisors who believe the increase should be more than $125 per month.

“I’m good with whatever dollar amount they set, but I will tell you there are people who think it should go higher than that,” Beckfield said.

Administration Committee Vice Chair Colleen Bates voiced her favor, noting she was against the wage decrease in 2002.

“The argument that those of us who didn’t think that was a good idea was, ‘What about people with children?’” Bates said. “If you have to pay a baby sitter, if you have to have someone stay with your children and you’re on the County Board, really and truly, you’re not doing anything except earning your baby sitter’s wages.”

The County Board will hear the proposal at its meeting Tuesday. It must be approved by Dec. 1 to go into effect in 2020.