Editor’s note: Gimme 5 is a five-question interview on a topic of local interest.

Where do Eau Claire residents need to go to cast an absentee ballot since the main City Hall building is closed for renovation?

If a city of Eau Claire resident is unable to vote on election day or wishes to vote early, in-person absentee voting is available through today through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., at downtown City Hall, 203 S. Farwell Street.

Access the elections office and in-person absentee voting from the alley behind City Hall.

How long has Eau Claire provided two weeks for people to vote early?

The city of Eau Claire has provided approximately two weeks of in-person absentee voting since at least 2013, keeping within limitations set by state statutes.

How has the amount of people who use this time to cast an absentee ballot changed through the years?

There are voters that use this time to vote absentee on a regular basis, but through the years the number of absentee voters goes up and down depending on many factors including what is on the ballot and weather.

When do the early ballots get tabulated and added to numbers for people that voted on Election Day?

The absentee ballots are delivered to the appropriate polling location on Election Day, where they are tabulated.

What turnout are you expecting in the April 2 elections?

Our community is actively engaged, so we are prepared for a voter turnout of 40 percent of registered voters in the city of Eau Claire.

— Andrew Dowd