A home and property in front of the Walmart store on Gateway Drive in Eau Claire is for sale. View more photos at LeaderTelegramPhotos.com.

A lone brick home near Walmart in Eau Claire that sits on a 2.3-acre lot has been placed on the market — with an asking price of $2.5 million.

The house, built in 1952, is at 3801 Gateway Drive.

Arne T. Kleven of Kleven Real Estate Inc. said he has fielded a few inquiries since the property went on the market earlier this week but has received no offers.

“It’s a one-owner home,” Kleven said. “The last owner died in 2018.”

Kleven said when the home was constructed 67 years ago, it was in a rural area.

“It was done before Walmart and the interstate went in,” Kleven said. “It’s a property people wondered about for years.”

The house is a standard ranch-style home, at 1,064 square feet in size, according to the online real estate ad. The property tax amount for 2018 was $9,651. It is an irregular lot, with Gateway Drive in front of it and the WalMart parking lot behind it. The home is for sale in “as is” condition, the ad states.

The land is valuable, however, because of its location, Kleven contends. The site is large enough for a business to construct on the property.

“The value is in a commercial property,” Kleven said. “It has high visibility. They were offered a substantial amount of money years ago, but it was their home, and they had no desire to move.”

Kleven said the land is zoned for “temporary commercial use,” but it would easily be rezoned for permanent commercial use.

The home has well water and septic-installed sewer, with hot water and oil for heating, and no air conditioning. The basement is described as being “full.”