After exploring other possible locations for a new facility, Huffcutt Concrete decided to stay in Lake Hallie and open a new $20 million headquarters.

“We are happy they stayed here,” said Lake Hallie village president Gary Spilde. “We worked with them for quite a few months to keep them here.”

Huffcutt Concrete opened its 77,000-square-foot facility Tuesday, which is expected to add 150 new jobs over the next five years.

The company had looked at possibly moving to Minnesota, or relocating to Menomonie or Chippewa Falls, Spilde noted. In 2017, the company negotiated with the Chippewa Falls City Council on a developer’s agreement, and they even purchased 45 acres in the Lake Wissota Business Park. However, they announced in June 2018 their plans to stay in Lake Hallie.

Spilde said retaining Huffcutt Concrete will bolster the local economy.

“It will definitely help,” Spilde said. “There is going to be growth over time.”

Chippewa County Economic Development Corp. executive director Charlie Walker praised the company and its decision to stay in Lake Hallie.

“The expansion in Lake Hallie is great,” Walker said. “That fills up the business park.”

Walker praised new president and CEO Brian Seubert, calling him “a great corporate citizen,” and Walker added that Huffcutt Concrete offers good-paying jobs.

“Its supply chain puts us on the map,” Walker said. “His products are shipped across the Midwest.”

The new facility features a highly-automated concrete wall panel production plant that is designed to meet the needs of an untapped concrete wall panel market in the United States, according to a press release Tuesday.

The automated system “boasts technology and manufacturing processes never before seen in the U.S.,” Seubert said in a release. “This technology will bring quality and service to a new level, elevating innovation in precast.”

The Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. has provided up to $1.25 million in state income tax credits over three years, the agency reports. The final amount of the tax credits will be based on the number of jobs created and the amount of new capital investment over those three years, the report states.

Huffcutt Concrete was formed in 1945 as a family-owned business. Seubert purchased it in December 2015.