With the snow that fell Saturday night and this morning, a 90-year-old record for the snowiest month ever on record in Eau Claire was obliterated.

The all-time record for snowfall in one month was 35.3 inches in January 1929, said meteorologist Brent Hewett with the National Weather Service in Chanhassen, Minn.

“Currently, (through Friday night), Eau Claire has 33.8 inches for the month,” Hewett said.

The snow last Wednesday already made it the snowiest February ever, he added. The prior record February total was 28.2 inches in 1936. The snow that fell Saturday and this morning just added to that record-setting total.

Records have been kept since 1893.

Between Saturday and today, Hewett was estimating four to eight inches of snow, with possibly up to 10 inches. The possibility of some of that being rain, and freezing rain, will affect those totals. The snow should wrap up by 7 a.m. today, he said.

Hewett reminded those who are exhausted from shoveling and plowing the white stuff that the snow season is far from over. A typical February brings seven to eight inches of snow for the entire month, but March is actually a snowier month in the Eau Claire area, with an average of about 10 inches.

Unfortunately, Hewett doesn’t see any immediate change in the weather pattern.

“Looking ahead, it is forecasted to remain cold through March,” Hewett said. “We have a greater chance of flooding risk going into spring.”

Hewett also pointed out that last April was the third-largest snowfall for that month in Eau Claire, as a large storm hammered the Chippewa Valley the weekend of April 13-15. April 2018 finished with 18.6 inches of snow. The average snowfall in April is 1.9 inches. It also was the coldest April ever on record.

Entering Saturday morning, Eau Claire had already accumulated 57.2 inches of snow; the average number to date is 35 inches for this point in the season.