The Urge last performed in 1983, but members of the punk-new wave band say it hasn’t taken long to get back in sync.

“Kind of cool coming back together,” said Jim Roach, bassist-singer for the Eau Claire-based group that got started in 1979. “The chemistry is fast to come back; it’s been really exciting to play together.”

A local audience can get in on the fun during the Urge’s reunion show Saturday at Stones Throw, 304 Eau Claire St.

Chippewa Falls band Stumpt will open the festivities, and there will be a special appearance by Doug and Sylvie from the band the Goofballs, who hail from France. Following the bands, there will be several guest appearances by some local music legends, Roach said.

Ted Ammerman, formerly of the Commercials, Liquid Lunch and Tortured Ted & the Twisted Trio, will be emcee of the event.

Guitarist-singer Leif Peterson said the show “sounded like a fun idea.” And he’s been even more impressed since rehearsals started, as “muscle memory” took hold while they’ve revisited songs they hadn’t played in decades and didn’t even remember the chords.

“My fingers just went to the right place,” he said. “I was like, wow, kind of amazing. Songs I hadn’t played in 30 years.”

The following Urge members will take the stage at Stones Throw: Roach; Peterson; Doug Rassmussen on lead vocals, keyboard and guitar; Bob “Ted-Bob” Galetka, guitar and vocals; Terri Owens, guitar and vocals; and Randy Lubach, drums.

Interestingly, the six musicians have never all performed together as the Urge, with some of the musicians joining the band after others departed.

Fans will expect to hear a few originals as well as covers from such bands as the Pretenders, the Cars, Iggy Pop, Blondie, Sex Pistols, Squeeze and lesser-known groups such as the Suicide Commandos.

As much as the band members have enjoyed playing music together again, Roach said the fundraising aspect added another special element to the proceedings.

As Roach explained their plan, “Let’s do it for something bigger than us.”

To judge by the response on Facebook, Peterson said, and the fact that people are expected to come from Madison, North Carolina and California, the crowd could pack the club.

As Peterson noted, “I think Feed My People is going to be pretty happy with us by the end of this thing.”

More information about the band and the reunion can be found on Facebook at

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