Excited chatter and squeals of delight filled the room Thursday as kids and kids at heart bounced and climbed their way around Action City’s newly added trampoline park. 

The 30,000 square foot trampoline park — officially opening on Saturday — features a variety of activities, including an open jump court, two dodgeball courts, four basketball courts, four air bag stunt jumps, jousting, a Ninja Warrior obstacle course and more. 

Action City friends and family were able to check out the expansion Thursday before the official opening. 

“I think it’s amazing,” said Kristi Verdon of Elk Mound, a bookkeeper for Metropolis Resort. 

Verdon said she had tried out the dodgeball, slackline and jousting, but her favorite part was seeing friends and family enjoying themselves.  

“I think the community has needed this for a while,” she said. “Action City and the (Chaos) Waterpark has been fun, but it was time for an update. This is pretty great.”

Nicole Osterude of Eau Claire, whose son works at Action City, said she thought the trampoline park was a “perfect fit” for Eau Claire. 

“We don’t have anything like it,” she said. “There’s nothing for kids to do in Eau Claire where you can bring all ages into one facility.”

Patrons would have to drive to the Twin Cities area or Wisconsin Dells for a similar experience, said Benny Anderson, Metropolis Resort’s general manager. 

“It’s really nice to have it in our own backyard,” he said, noting the idea came from Action City owners Shirley and Tom Hahn. 

The trampoline park will cost $20 for two hours, and that will include all the Ninja Warrior and trampoline activities. Eventually there also will be package deals to include other Action City activities, Anderson said.

The park is open to all ages. Adults can jump with their children, or there are spots to stand nearby and watch. 

“The biggest requirement for trampolines is that you just need to be able to walk and steady yourself,” Anderson said. 

A liability waiver also must be signed before participating in the various trampoline park activities. 

Safety remains a top concern as the trampolines are open to the public, Anderson said, and a lot went into the planning. While many use foam in the landing zones, this park utilizes air bags to increase safety. 

“They have a great track record,” Anderson said. “Our insurance strongly recommends them for their safety levels (and ability) to greatly reduce injury.”

The staff has also undergone fire, first aid, CPR and various other forms of emergency training. 

On top of that, Anderson said they stress to guests to “know your limits.” He suggested stretching and practicing small jumps to build up muscles. 

“Don’t immediately go for the triple Salchow aerial lutz,” he joked. 

Visitors should also not wear clothing with anything sharp or have objects in their pockets, he said. 

Action City will host a trampoline park lock-in on New Year’s Eve, which guests can already pre-register for. Other future plans include a soon-to-be announced “Ninja-limpics,” black light glow-in-the-dark events and dodgeball tournaments. 

Action City is also looking to utilize the trampoline park for health and wellness purposes, Anderson said. Trampoline aerobics classes are expected to start in January.

“We’re looking to do that as well as some toddler times and Ninja Warrior training,” he said, noting they’re currently seeking fitness instructors.

For more information about the trampoline park visit actioncityfun.com

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