The Pablo Center at the Confluence is expected to be fully operational to begin its third season on Oct. 1, executive director Jason Jon Anderson said Friday.

“We have very high expectations that we will be fully functioning by Oct. 1,” he said.

“We have solid consumer confidence about Oct. 1,” Anderson said. “Until then, we are going to live in a 30-day window.”

The Pablo Center’s board of directors met Thursday night to determine how to proceed in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Events at the Pablo Center are canceled through June and the entire building is currently closed to the public.

The box office and art galleries will be the first entities that will open at the Pablo Center, Anderson said.

“We won’t open our venues until we can sell them at 100% capacity,” he said.

The Eau Claire City-County Health Department currently disallows any gatherings of more than 10 people.

The Pablo Center is taking a wait-and-see approach for all events scheduled in July, August and September, Anderson said.

Those events include Charlie Hunter & Lucy Woodward on July 15, comedian Charlie Berens on Aug. 8, S. Carey & Humbird on Aug. 20, Gaelic Storm on Aug. 28 and Ben Seidman on Sept. 11.

Charlie Berens, Gaelic Storm and Ben Seidman are all rescheduled from their original March or April performance dates.

Determining factors on events in July, August and September include guidance from public health officials and pending congressional legislation on liability protections for businesses that open again, Anderson said.

“The Pablo Center is going to be a final phase business,” he said.

And as a result, the factors on when it can reopen are “out of our hands,” Anderson said. “We very much want to be back in positive revenue.”

The Pablo Center had planned to announce its entertainment lineup for its third season by June 1. That announcement will likely be pushed back to June 15, he said.

The Pablo Center closed to the public on March 13.

Nearly 80 performances have been impacted since then. Those performances equal about $625,000 in lost revenue, Anderson said.

Ticket holders were given various options for the canceled performances.

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