Jeramiha Sackman


A plea agreement has been reached in a case involving a 38-year-old Augusta man who headed to an Eau Claire park in October thinking he was meeting two girls, 8 and 11, for sex.

Jeramiha J. Sackman, 330 E. Grant St., pleaded no contest Thursday in Eau Claire County Court to attempted first-degree sexual assault of a child. Additional charges were dismissed.

However, the plea will result in the revocation of a deferred acceptance of a guilty plea agreement for a charge of false imprisonment in another case.

Judge Michael Schumacher Thursday ordered a pre-sentence investigation. Sackman will be sentenced on both matters on March 15. As part of the plea agreement, the prosecution will cap its request for initial confinement at eight years, according to assistant district attorney Meri Larson and defense attorney Rich White.

According to the criminal complaint for the more recent case:

In October, an Eau Claire police detective posted an ad on Craigslist under the title “mom is out.” In the body of the ad, the detective — who assumed the identity of the father of the girls, one 8 and the other 11 — said their mother was out of town and the girls were “ready and willing to play.”

The same day, the detective received a reply to the ad, and the reply contained what appeared to be the sender’s full name, Jeramiha Sackman. In the reply, the sender said, “I take it its (sic) time to play. I like playing.”

The detective replied, warning the sender that the girls he was referring to were younger in age and asking him to let him know if he still was interested. The sender, believed to be Sackman, replied, saying he was OK with the girls being younger and asked how young they were.

The detective replied the girls were 8 and 11.

The person believed to be Sackman sent a photo, which appeared to be legitimate, and the detective checked Sackman’s driver’s license photo and determined the man in both photos appeared to be the same person.

The detective then sent two photos of girls he identified to be his daughters, and eventually, after discussing what the girls would do and agreeing on a price, the pair set up a meeting at an Eau Claire park the next day.

That day, Sackman was identified in the park and arrested.

According to the criminal complaint in the earlier case:

Police were called to Sackman’s residence at 5 p.m. May 1 because he was scaring his three daughters with a gun.

Sackman’s ex-wife came to the residence to pick up her daughters, but Sackman didn’t want one of his daughters to leave wearing clothes his mother bought for her.

Two of the girls were able to escape the residence, saying their father had a gun.

Sackman allowed officers inside the residence. A loaded pistol was found in a dresser.

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