EAU CLAIRE — A man broke into an Eau Claire residence and beat the resident with a curtain rod, authorities say.

George R. Greiner, 41, 809½ Second Ave., was charged this week in Eau Claire County Court with a felony count of burglary and misdemeanor counts of attempted substantial battery, disorderly conduct and criminal damage to property.

A $2,000 signature bond was set for Greiner, which prohibits him from having contact with the residence.

Greiner returns to court July 20.

According to the criminal complaint:

A man who lives on Third Street told police Greiner showed up at his house on Sunday. Greiner was very agitated and began pounding on the exterior doors of the residence.

Greiner was yelling at the man, telling him to exit the residence. The man said he would not leave his house because of Greiner’s behavior. Greiner then pried off a window screen, opened the window and crawled inside the residence.

Greiner, who was still agitated and refused to leave the residence, then began physically attacking the man.

Greiner punched the man in the head at least twice and head-butted him. Greiner then armed himself with a curtain rod and struck the man with it.

The man was eventually able to get Greiner out of the house.

As Greiner was leaving, he struck and broke a rear tail lamp on the man’s vehicle.

A police officer saw numerous injuries on the man. He had a large red mark on the back of his left calf where Greiner had struck him with the curtain rod and fresh scratch marks on his arm and hand.

Greiner was located later that day after he was involved in a traffic stop. Greiner refused to speak with police about the incident with the man and requested to talk with an attorney.

If convicted of the felony charge, Greiner could be sentenced to up to seven years in prison.

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