EAU CLAIRE — An Eau Claire woman took at least $20,000 of her father’s money while serving as his power of attorney for both health care and finances, police say.

The woman’s father has been in a nursing home in a comatose state for over a year, police said.

Laurie S. Forcier, 60, 6266 Aspen Meadow Court, was charged Tuesday in Eau Claire County Court with a felony count of theft in a business setting.

A $1,000 signature bond was set for Forcier, which prohibits her from having power of attorney over her father. She must also follow the directives of the Colfax nursing home.

Forcier returns to court Nov. 1.

According to the criminal complaint:

A social worker contacted Eau Claire police on March 3 because Forcier’s father, who is 85, owes the nursing home more than $40,000. The social worker said Forcier is her father’s power of attorney.

The social worker said Forcier’s father owes the nursing home more than $40,000 yet he receives about $6,000 a month through SSA and other benefit deposits.

The social worker said Forcier receives her father’s money and spends it on various things. In February, the social worker received a list of things Forcier has purchased with her father’s money. Some of those purchases included gas, pet care, cable bills and purchases at Sam’s Club.

The social worker believes Forcier was not performing her duties as a power of attorney.

The social worker said Forcier had been living with her father since 2012. Based on her review of the man’s bank records, the social worker said Forcier was spending most of her father’s money for her personal use rather than paying for her father’s extensive medical expenses.

Police examined the bank records of Forcier’s father for the 13-month period ending in January. The records seemed to be consistent with an average person that ran various errands to obtain groceries and pay for pet care and rent rather than making payments for the man’s health care.

For the dates of service from July 24, 2020, through Aug. 31, Forcier’s father owes Colfax Health and Rehab more than $67,000.

Although police determined some payments had been made to the nursing home, they paled in comparison to what Forcier’s father received in benefit deposits each month.

Police determined Forcier’s father received benefit deposits totaling $157,178 from January 2019 through February 2021.

If convicted, Forcier could be sentenced to up to five years in prison.

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