L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library

L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library, 400 Eau Claire St.

The Literary Arts Committee of Pablo Center at the Confluence is looking for the next Eau Claire writer in residence, to be recommended for appointment by the City Council in April.

To apply or to submit a nomination, visit ecpubliclibrary.info/writerinresidence. Deadline for submitting a nomination is March 1.

The writer in residence shall seek to raise consciousness to a greater appreciation and enjoyment of the value and importance of the reading, performance, publication and writing of literature to the life of Eau Claire and its people. Candidates will be considered based on the following criteria adopted by the City Council on May 26, 2015:

• Recommended for an appointment by the City Council, for a two-year term, by a subcommittee of the Eau Claire Regional Arts Council Literary Arts Committee, in April of each even-numbered year.

• Expected to live and/or work in the community.

• Expected to have knowledge of, and be involved in, the life of the community.

• Expected to contribute to the growth of literature in the community.

• Expected to promote literature through a variety of social media, written publications, and educational opportunities and speaking engagements.

The current Eau Claire writer in residence, Karen Loeb, will be finishing her two-year appointment in May.

For information, visit Information & Reference at the library, call 715-839-5004, or email the library at librarian@eauclaire.lib.wi.us.