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Jayme Closs

Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald said law enforcement officials, including FBI agents, are still trying to piece together what happened at a rural Barron home early Monday morning, where two adults were found dead and their teenage daughter missing.

“There is no history here (at this address or with this family) at all,” Fitzgerald said Monday. “I wish there was more history in there. I’m stumped.”

The deceased have been identified as James Closs, 56, and his wife, Denise Closs, 46.

Fitzgerald put out an alert to locate the girl, identified as 13-year-old Jayme Closs, and an Amber Alert was issued by the state Crime Alert Network. She is described as 5-feet tall, about 100 pounds, with green eyes and blonde or strawberry hair. She is considered “endangered,” and Fitzgerald indicated she isn’t a suspect in her parents’ deaths.

“All of our efforts are on finding this missing girl,” Fitzgerald said. “We are working on a national search for her. I think she’s in trouble.”

The Barron County sheriff’s office received a call at 12:58 a.m. from a subject asking for help at 1268 U.S. 8, which is located roughly 1 mile west of the Barron city limits, Fitzgerald said.

“The call came from inside the house. I don’t know who made the call,” Fitzgerald said. “There is no interaction with our dispatcher. There is some noise and things heard.”

There were some deputies in the area, and they arrived at the house perhaps five minutes after the call, Fitzgerald said. However, when deputies arrived, Jayme wasn’t there and there were no signs of an intruder or a vehicle.

“That’s also what makes this a strange thing,” Fitzgerald said.

The two adults were found dead at the scene.

“There is an obvious cause of death; we did not find a weapon,” he said.

It is unclear if Jayme took any of her personal items with her. Fitzgerald said he was working on gathering information if she had a phone or other items she would have definitely taken with her.

Initially, Fitzgerald said he couldn’t put out an Amber Alert because he didn’t have a suspect or a car, or any leads. At 3:20 p.m., an Amber Alert went out on cellphones across western Wisconsin.

The FBI agents arrived Monday to help gather evidence at the scene.

There is no history of family trouble or custody disputes, he added. He said Jayme has lived in Barron County for several years.

“I know she’s gone to school locally,” he said. “I know she goes to Barron Middle School and went to Cameron previously.”

Anyone with information about what happened at the home, or if they have seen Jayme, should contact the Barron County sheriff’s office at 715-537-3106.

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