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A woman is facing possible charges or citations after she shot and killed two bull elk in Rusk County on Monday, according to the Department of Natural Resources.

Todd Schaller, DNR chief warden, declined to specify where exactly the woman was hunting when the shooting occurred.

“It was private property. Our Flambeau State Park has elk in it, so it may have been in that vicinity,” Schaller said.

Schaller said he was unsure of how far the woman was away from the elk when she shot them.

“Those are the things we’ll look at and talk about with the district attorney,” Schaller said. “When she got up to the animals, she knew it immediately. What’s important to me is she was honest and forthright, and didn’t try to hide anything.”

The DNR estimates there are about 200 elk in the northern herd, primarily in the Clam Lake area. The last couple of years, the DNR has issued a handful of hunting permits for elk. He wasn’t sure of the estimated elk population in Rusk County.

“The antler growth on them was relatively small; I don’t know their age,” he said.

Schaller described the woman as “relatively new to hunting, but it’s not her first time.” Her name, age or address isn’t being released at this time, as he continues to work with the district attorney’s office on potential charges or citations.

The DNR was able to salvage the bull elks, which have been donated to an area food pantry.

“It’s a good part of a bad story,” Schaller said.

The restitution on an elk in the state is $2,000, he added.

“That is a potential result,” Schaller said.

This is not the first time an elk has been shot during the nine-day deer hunting season. Last year, two similar incidents occurred: one in Jackson County, and another near Warrens in Monroe County.

“That’s why we encourage people to know what is beyond their target,” Schaller said.