Xcel Energy plans to offer a new program that would allow its Wisconsin customers the choice to get their energy exclusively from wind and solar resources.

The company has submitted a proposal for a program called Renewable*Connect in a filing with the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin. Xcel would like to have the program approved by Dec. 15 and launch it early next year.

Customers who sign up for the Renewable*Connect program will be able to subscribe in 100 kilowatt-hour blocks or receive 100 percent of their electricity from wind and solar power via Xcel’s systems in the Upper Midwest.

As an example, spokeswoman Chris Ouellette said, if a customer receives 50 percent of their energy from the program, they can do so by calculating half of their kilowatt-hour blocks and informing Xcel. She added that Xcel will be able to help with the calculation.

Xcel’s upper Midwest resources is currently made up of 29 percent renewable energy, which includes 18 percent wind and about 1 percent solar, according to Ouellette.

In preparation for the launch, Xcel plans to add a new solar resource in Wisconsin to serve this program in the future.

“To the extent that interest exceeds the capacity of resources currently dedicated to the program at this time, we plan to accommodate that additional interest with additional resources in the next ‘tranche’ of the program,” Ouellette said.

Residential and business electric customers will have the option to sign up for a monthly subscription or a five-year contract. 

There is no cap for how many customers can sign up.

“Our customers want more options when it comes to their energy and this new program will help them meet their sustainability goals,” Mark Stoering, president of Xcel Energy-Wisconsin/​Michigan, said in the statement. “Renewable*Connect is another way we can provide more clean-energy options at prices that continue to be affordable and competitive.”

This new program follows Xcel’s Solar*Connect Community program, which according to the company is almost fully subscribed.

Xcel provides the energy across eight Western and Midwestern states. Its Wisconsin/​Michigan headquarters are in Eau Claire.

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