A noncommercial radio station operated by UW-Eau Claire students is changing its name Sunday, but it made a late switch on which moniker it would use.

Indie rock station Blugold Radio 99.9 FM (WDRK) held surveys and talks on campus earlier this year about the re-branding effort and announced June 1 that the station would be renamed Verge Radio.

The station’s leaders have received  more feedback — mostly positive, but also some critical comments — after announcing the name change, according to a post on the station’s website.

“As we have processed those comments, it became clear we needed to make an adjustment,” according to the statement from advisory board member Ed Hudgins and station manager Scott Morfitt.

The station announced Wednesday that it now plans to re-brand itself on Sunday as Converge Radio.

The statement said the Converge name was deemed more descriptive of the station’s mission to create connections around music and the arts in the community.