Eau Claire County is starting an emergency preparedness outreach campaign as residents have begun to deal with hazards that winter weather can bring.

On Tuesday, the county unveiled the "Simple Ways to get Ready for an Emergency" program, which emphasizes three steps: prepare, plan and stay informed.

That includes preparing an emergency kit with food, water, medications and other supplies; planning for shelter or evacuation; and staying informed about local conditions via smartphone apps or an emergency radio.

County residents can expect to see fliers, online videos and other parts of the campaign come out in the next few weeks and months, according to a statement from emergency management coordinator Tyler Esh.

He noted that winter weather is one of the biggest risks that county residents face, with increased likelihood of power outages, carbon monoxide exposure, impassable roads and extreme temperatures.

The program is a joint effort among the Eau Claire City-County Health Department, the county's Aging & Disability Resource Center, Eau Claire's city and county governments, and other regional partners.